Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Shopping Feature Soon to Come to FaceBook

An article I found on Adage from yesterday states that the ever popular social networking site, FaceBook, will soon be adding a shopping feature. When a FaceBook member buys something they will be able to let their friends know about it, let them know if you like it or not, and possibly even send a coupon to you. The article states that "the service will bring a sort of easily tracked viral element to online shopping."

There were challenges brought up in the article as well. Dave Balter of BuzzAgent says that the application that would be put on FaceBook is only limited to online shopping therefore the number of products is limited. Also, he says that most people talk in person about products and that discussion is missing.

Although Balter's comments are respectable, I believe this is definitely a smart move for FaceBook and those shopping sites associated with it. I will agree that many people discuss and show products in person, but the amount of people conversing online is astounding. The word of mouth in person only reaches a limited amount of people who may or may not choose to pass it along. Your word of mouth online will reach numerous amounts of people that you may never know.


cassandra said...

I am 50-50 with you on this one :D I think that word of mouth on the internet is very influential and I think that it would be great to know what other people thought of a clothing item before I bought it. For instance, it would be good to know whether the expensive jacket is durable and comfortable before I buy it. However, I am not a big internet shopper because I feel like you need to try the clothes on in person. I think it is too much of a hassle to guesstimate your size on something online when you can just go to the store and try it on. I must say this.... I do like the idea of getting coupons sent my way though...so kudos to you Facebook!

BlairL84 said...

I'm not too sure about this whole shopping and Facebook tie. I think Facebook already has enough going on to add a feature like shopping. I just don't know how useful this would be to that many people. I agree with Cassandra on not being a big internet shopper too, I'd rather see it and try it on in person before purchasing it because it can be a hassle.