Sunday, November 11, 2007


Mountain Dew is now turning to their consumers to create the next Mountain Dew in a campaign called DEWmocracy. In their consumers journey, they have the power to create the color, the flavor, name, logo, label, and tagline. When one enters the contest, they are taken through seven different chambers allowing you to meet characters, answer questions, and play games. Each chamber takes you through your creation of the next Mountain Dew as well as play games and join different teams whose drinks most closely matches your own. All teams will vote on other teams. Those with the higher amount of points will allow greater visibility for others to vote on it. Ultimately, the winners drink will be taken from an idea to the real world.

The way Mountain Dew has presented this campaign is interesting. They have created a story and made it more involved rather than just saying "go make a new drink." It looks like the target audience they are trying to address is definitely a younger, more internet saavy, group. I wonder what type of new drink will be created and marketed in stores. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this campaign and see what comes out of it.


Megan said...

I saw a TV ad for this and it looks all epic and hardcore. My boyfriend and I sat there trying to guess the product. He thought it was for a videogame and I said, "it's probably just an ad for soda." :)

Sounds like a good campaign - everyone loves a competition. Have you gone through it to do your own?

Cameron said...

This like the people at Mountain Dew actually took the time and thought about this new campain. The company has already positioned itself toward the younger soda drinkers and this campain seems like it would strengthen appeal to the brand. It is good that the fans of Dew can be creative with something that they like, and the company benefits because it will bring greater awareness to their product.