Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A woman who received an epidural about seven months ago has been blogging about how her insurance company would not cover it, even after paying $800 per month for health insurance. After some suggestions about what to do, the woman began blogging about it. In response the insurance company has written her a check to cover the remainder of her bill.

It is interesting to see how fast the insurance company responded to her once their media department found out about her blogging. I guess they didn't want to start a conversation among their customers much like the Dell customers did about "Dell Hell."


Benjamin said...

I feel like more companies are more responsive to this type of action due to past events like Dell Hell. check out my latest post for another ....allright not quite but still funny example.

cassandra said...

I agree. I think that blogs are becoming the new medium in which companies need to be war of and learn how to manage. Like we have learned from 'Dell Hell', word of mouth, especially in the blog world, can be detrimental to a company who has done wrong. If I were her, I would be a little put off by the fact that my insurance company completely blew me off in person. I think that it shows the lack of customer relations that the insurance company really has in handling complaints in person.

Shane said...

I think that the company made the right move and probably got off a lot cheaper than if they would have done nothing. This lady was really smart for blogging about her problems with her insurance company because for one they ended up giving into her demands in the end and for two I am sure that they will be a lot more careful the next time. A lot more companies are going to be more cautious when things begin to spread about them on the internet because that news travels fast.