Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogger Strike

In response to the writer's strike in the entertainment business, some 21 entertainment bloggers will "go dark" this week in support of the writers.

"Some people thought we'd be against the writers because our favorite shows are going away, but we wanted to show that some things are more important than a few shows airing full season," says Glowy Box blogger Liz Pardue, who organized tomorrow's "blog strike."

AintItCoolNews has also showed its backing for the writers by posting a supporting petition that has 44,000 signatures.

The protests now are not just people with signs swarming areas of cities to get their point across. Their persuasion and activism has now spread to the internet making it easier for others to show their support.


Shane said...

I think it is great that people are sticking up for the writer's. It would be really hard if I had a hit show to make the decision to take it off the air with the fear of losing my core audience. But, I think when all is said and done the viewers will appreciate those that stood up for the writer's.

Benjamin said...

if they've got aintitcool behind this, they could make a impact, PEOPLE LOVE HARRY KNOWLES, but seriously though this is a cool way to show support.