Monday, October 29, 2007

Student's Ad Gets Attention From Apple

18 year-old, Nick Haley, will now be able to see his itouch advertisement aired on TV.

Haley created a commercial based on one of the newest products Apple has released to the song "Music is my hot, hot sex." In the song there is a lyric that says, "My music is the spot I'd like you to touch." He first posted his commercial on YouTube where it got many comments and much attention including marketing employees from Apple.

Haley received a phone call and a deal from Apple executives. His commercial was made into broadcast form and launched last Sunday on television.

Haley's commercial is a good example of consumer generated content that company's, like Apple, are using.

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Shane said...

I wish that I would have made this ad. I don't know how many times I have seen it on television and it is actually a really good commercial. It is inspiring to want to get into this field because I am sure that Haley was just making that ad for fun. This examples shows that anyone can be someone thanks to technology.