Monday, October 29, 2007

Student's Ad Gets Attention From Apple

18 year-old, Nick Haley, will now be able to see his itouch advertisement aired on TV.

Haley created a commercial based on one of the newest products Apple has released to the song "Music is my hot, hot sex." In the song there is a lyric that says, "My music is the spot I'd like you to touch." He first posted his commercial on YouTube where it got many comments and much attention including marketing employees from Apple.

Haley received a phone call and a deal from Apple executives. His commercial was made into broadcast form and launched last Sunday on television.

Haley's commercial is a good example of consumer generated content that company's, like Apple, are using.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Copyrighting Online Material

The time has finally come when media and Web companies are begin to set guidelines for using copyrighted material online.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Public Relations Class at St. Edward's University Explores Emerging Social Media Technologies

New Public Relations Class at St. Edward's University Explores Emerging Social Media Technologies

In a new class offered at St. Edward's University, students learn about the innovative techniques that are being used in the public relations field.

This is the first class to be offered at St. Edward's University in the social media area of public relations. The class aims to teach about the different technologies being used as well as the study of their application in contemporary PR practice. The students will not only examine these technologies from a theoretical perspective by reading scholarly research and writings from PR professionals, but they will also learn how to use and author content for such online PR tools ourselves. Topics that will be covered include social media and Web 2.0, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, viral video, social bookmarking, social media news releases, and other emerging web technologies.

As a result of taking the class, the students will:

Understand how the PR industry is incorporating new media and social media technologies into contemporary PR practice.

Understand the need to stay abreast of advances in communication technology in order to succeed as a PR professional.

Learn how to locate the information and the technical know-how to help you stay abreast of those advances.

Learn to create and adapt video, audio, and text for online PR tools.

Be able to produce webpages, weblogs, and podcasts for communications campaigns.

Be able to critically discuss the effects of the use of computer-mediated communication within the corporate and nonprofit environments served by the PR industry.

Founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, St. Edward's University has been named as one of America's Best Colleges for 2006 by U.S. News & World Report and was selected by The Princeton Review for inclusion in the guide Colleges with a Conscience. St. Edward's is a private, Catholic, liberal arts university of more than 4,900 students located in Austin, Texas.


Course Blog
The class blog that is kept by the professor which updates about projects and important news related information.


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

So long to record companies?

Just days after Radiohead dropped their record label and released their new CD via the web many other artists began breaking the news of dropping their labels as well. Nine Inch Nails, Oasis, and Jamariqoi are among the few that have said they too will only sell their CD's online.

The newest artists to make headlines with this drastic change is Madonna. According to the New York Times Madonna is soon to leave Warner Brothers Records and "is nearing an agreement with Live Nation, the concert promoter, that would pay her more than $100 million in exchange for three albums and the exclusive rights to promote her concerts and to market her merchandise in a wide-ranging partnership, according to people briefed on the talks." Instead of relying on CD sales, Madonna will depend (as if she has to) on concert sales.

It seems like many artists are jumping on the band wagon (no pun intended). What will happen to the recording labels in the future?

Why google when you can Stumbleupon it?

I was recently shown a new way of finding websites. StumbleUpon is a way to find websites that fit your interests. After searching, the site soon learns what the user likes and then suggests other websites that fit his/her likes.

If interested, all you have to do is add StumbleUpon in your toolbar, hit the stumble button, and begin searching. It's a interesting way to preview other websites people have stumbled upon. As you use it more and more often, you can begin to meet other people with the same interests.

Some popular topics are animation, art, video games, humor, bizarre, music, science and technology and computers.

The site has gotten much acclaim from major news companies:

"StumbleUpon is a brilliant downloadable toolbar that beds into your browser and gives you the chance to surf through thousands of excellent pages that have been stumbled upon by other web-users" -BBC

"Next time you want to wander the Web, forget about Googling it. Stumble it." -The Wall Street Journal

Monday, October 8, 2007


As most of you already know, St. Edward's, thanks to Corinne, has finally been approved for a PRSSA chapter. We have already had two meetings and have elected officers for this exciting up-and-coming year. Tomorrow we will be having another meeting to discuss goals, fund raising, and events to come. I invite all of you to come check it out. If you like it please feel free to join and spread the word!

Remember our meeting is TOMORROW, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9 @ 6:45.

Also, check out and join our Facebook group.

See you there!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Corporate Conversations"

In Chapter 5 of The New Influencers, the authors talk about corporate blogging. It was interesting that fewer than 10 percent of CEO's in Fortune 500 companies blog. Many are unwilling to give up control, but for some it is a better idea for them not to begin blogging. On the other hand, it would be wise for small and up-and-coming companies to begin participating in the conversation. By joining, a company can build customer and media relations, tell one's story, tackle an issue, feed a frenzy, and promote a product. A reason a lot of companies are saying they are blogging is that "it's the thing to do." Like previously mentioned, some bigger companies are just not cut out to fit in. If they do decide to launch one, it is a good idea for employees talk. Their word is considered more credible.

In addition, the safest route is a company blog in which the company is the topic of the blog. Examples given are "Nuts About Southwest," Dell's "One2One," and "Taylor Made." A good way to think about these kind of blogs is like a bulletin board in which company's are able to tell about what is going on in the company and what is going to come of it and to let customers give feedback, hopefully positive.

Executive blogs are also written. These are similar to a journal of senior managers.

Company Wide blogs are those written by employees of a company. These involve more customer and employee interaction.

An alternative to blogs for corporations to think about is using podcasts. These are proven affective and can attract a large number of prospective and fanatic customers.

Monday, October 1, 2007


MINDCOMET is a mix between an interactive marketing firm and an interactive agency that helps build relationships with stakeholders via the web.

The company has a process known as Relationship Synthesis they use to "implement comprehensive strategies that create awareness, drive conversion, and increase the lifetime value of a relationship.

Many of the interactive marketing solutions they use include online experiences, traffic generation, conversion improvement, managed e-mail communications, eWareness, Loyalty programs, eLearning, and hosting.

This very Web2.0 site can give everyone insight into the direction companies are going.